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g a l l e r i e s  o f  c o n t e m p o r a r y  a r t  a n d  c e n t e r s


National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA), Moscow



BueroFriedrich, Berlin // It is a project space for contemporary art which holds exhibitions but at the same time is oriented towards the realization of external projects.


Musee d'Art Contemporarian de Lyon

m e d i a   c e n t e r s


MediaArtLab, Moscow // MAL is the information and research center for new media culture. Its activity aims to provide support to development of new media initiatives in arts and broader cultural sphere in Russia by means of distribution of information and accumulation professional discussions, organising events and building up a resource platform. www.danet.ru

PRO ARTE, St.Petersburg // The New Technologies in Contemporary Art Program is intended to fill the vacuum in art education in St Petersburg in the sphere of multimedia arts (computer art, photography, video art, network art, Internet projects, etc.). http://www.proarte.spb.ru/newtech.html

Eastern Europe


C3 // C3 is an open, not for profit institution, a space for innovative experiments and developments related to communication, culture and open society, its main focus the fostering of meetings and cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology. http://www.c3.hu/


Ljudmila - Ljubliana digital media lab // Ljudmila is an open-access media laboratory, an initiative of the Open Society Institute - Slovenia. Ljudmila supports education, research, and work in the following fields: Internet, digital video, electronic arts, digital and analogue radio, communications, hardware production and interdisciplinary integration. Ljudmila works in partnership with similar local and international organizations. http://www.ljudmila.org


E-LAB, Riga // E-LAB electronic art and media center >new media center/workplace >lectures, seminars >concerts, presentations >art & music production. http://RE-LAB.NET

RIXC, Riga // The Centre for New Media Culture RIXC intends to become a meeting place for  different types of culture. RIXC is joint effort by a number of independent local cultural groups working in the fields of new media, art, film, music, youth culture and the social field. http://www.rixc.lv

Western Europe


Lux, London // The Lux is an international centre for film, video and digital arts. Whether you're a creator, a curator, a critic or a consumer, the Lux can offer you a way in to every stage of the creative process. http://www.lux.org.uk/

FACT - Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool // FACT operates as a pioneering agency in the exhibition, support and development of artists' film and video and new media projects in the UK. >COLLABORATION PROGRAMME >MITES [The Moving >Image Touring & Exhibition Service >NEW TOOLS training programme >DVD AUTHORING FACILITY >VIDEO POSITIVE biennial.  http://www.fact.co.uk

DA2 - The Digital Arts Development Centre // DA2 supports creative work that can explore how the digital processes are shaping our understanding of the world and giving new breadth to the imagination. The DA2 programme encompasses any work that uses computer processes in its production, exhibition or distribution; its purpose is to ask what makes that work distinctive. http://www.da2.org.uk/

IDEA - Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts, Manchester // IDEA is a non-for prophit organisation, which provids training, development and production opportunities for artists and creative technologists both face-to-face in Manchester and over the the Web. www.idea.org.uk

RTI - Redundant Technology Initiative, Sheffield // RTI is an arts group based in Sheffield, England. It started in 1997 with a group of artists who wanted to get involved with information technology, but didn't have the resources to buy computers. So instead they went about getting their hands on trash computers, finding new ways to be creative with old technology, then exhibiting the results. http://www.lowtech.org


ZKM, Karlsruhe // Center for Art and Media Technology [ZKM] in Karlsruhe. http://www.zkm.de

Institut fur Neue Medien Frankfurt // INMF positions itself as a platform for new media art, digital science and application. http://www.inm.de

EIM - Europaisches Institut fur Medien // EIM is the centre for comparative research on media development based in Duesseldorf. Although research is the main activity, the EIM is the organizer of the annual European Television and Film Forum. the LDSC - libary, documentation and staticscentre for media development in Europe. http://www.eim.de/

mikro.lounge // mikro is a Berlin initiative for the advancement of media cultures, a catalyst and an open and independent platform for projects, discussions and events. http://www.mikro.org

The Netherlands

Montevideo, Amsterdam // The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts has undertaken to promote the unrestrained development, application and distribution of, and reflection on, new technologies within the visual arts. www.montevideo.nl

V2_Organisation, Rotterdam // V2_Organisation focuses on the merging of different media and the relationships which occur between them through creative activities, especially, those activities dealing with the electronic networks, Internet and the World Wide Web. http://www.v2.nl


CICV // International Center for Video Forming. Authors, artists, scientists and students present their works in the CICV-web. http://www.cicv.fr

Le Metafort // a lab for new media. In this structure will produced every kind of multimedia-projects: videoart, net-projects, Infographic, CD-Roms, electronic music, etc. www.metafort.org

North Europe


CRAC - Creative Room for Art and Computing, Stokholm // CRAC is an artists run labarotory, which provides media art practitians with production facilities. http://www.crac.org

North America


The Kitchen, New York // The Kitchen is an interdisciplinary laboratory for visionary emerging and established artists. The first institution to focus exclusively on multidisciplinary work, The Kitchen is emerging as a new kind of cultural center, simultaneously serving an international artistic community, while acting as a resource in its own neighborhood. www.thekitchen.org

NAMAC // The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC) is a nonprofit association composed of diverse member organizations who are dedicated to encouraging film, video, audio and online/multimedia arts, and to promoting the cultural contributions of individual media artists. www.namac.org


The Banff Centre // The Centre is a unique institution in the field of Media and Visual Arts (MVA). Artists from Canada and throughout the world have access to first-rate facilities and a wide range of creative, professional development and research opportunities. http://www.banffcentre.ab.ca/mva/

V tape // Founded in 1980, V tape is an international distribution, exhibition and resource centre with an emphasis on the contemporary media arts. As a centre for over 600 artists artists, V tape carries over 2,000 titles. V tape's in-office facilities include several study carrels for viewing and an extensive library of print materials available to the general public as well as to students, curators and researchers. http://www.vtape.org

The Canadian Film Centre // The Centre is Canada’s foremost institution for advanced training and production in film, television and new media. Founded in 1988 by Canadian-born, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Norman Jewison, the Centre provides training and production opportunities for the finest Canadian talent, who have gone on to create award-winning film, television and new media projects. http://www.cdnfilmcentre.com/centre/centre.html

CIAC - Centre international d'art contemporain de Montreal // CIAC is an organisation dedicated to presenting visual arts exhibitions and audio-visual documents >CIAC`s Electronic Art Magazin. http://www.ciac.ca

The Alberta Media Arts Alliance (AMAAS) // AMAAS is a non-profit arts group linking the independent media arts artist-run centres in the province of Alberta in Canada. AMAAS promotes the recognition of the media arts, and their importance, by representing the common objectives of our membership. http://www.amaas.ab.ca/index.htm

ISEA- Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts // ISEA is an international non-profit member organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the electronic arts. ISEA is commited to the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural communication/cooperation between the arts and the fields of technology, science, education and industry. ISEA's activities include: organizing international symposia and local events, developping partnerships, implementing culturally diverse initiatives, publishing, and archiving. http://www.isea.qc.ca/

New Zeland

The Moving Image Centre // MIC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of creative media arts in New Zealand. This is achieved by the exhibition and distribution of innovative and challenging film, video, installation and new technology art, visits by international artists and filmmakers, the supply of information to filmmakers and artists and the publishing online of The Big Picture, a magazine aimed at the creative media arts community. http://www.mic.org.nz/

a n n o u n c e d   f e s t I v a l s   2 0 0 1

transmediale.01 DIY [do it yourself!] // international media art festival // February 4th - 11th 2001 // Podewil, Berlin-mitte, Germany >>transmediale.01 will present an international forum for critical and artistic approaches to media technology, inviting various artists and new media activists to a symposium. The festival will especially deal with projects in the field of net.culture and new media art which contribute to this years headline: DIY [do it yourself!]. Several artists are selected to show their new works in the festival exhibition or are invited to compete in the categories of net.art, DVD and CD-ROM for the transmediale award, which will be awarded by an international jury. www.transmediale.de (in German and English)

EMAF - European Media Art Festival // Osnabrueck, Germany // 25-29 April 2001 // -Inside/Outside-
// From 25 to 29 April 2001 the European Media Art  >>Festival presents once again a diverse cross section of media art in Osnabuck. Productions
from internationally renowned artists as well as innovative works from creative young talents will be shown. www.emaf.de

VIDEONALE 9 // Bonn, Germany // April 27 - May 6, 2001 >> Deadline for works submission - Jan.20
>> An exhibition, festival and symposium in one. The Videonale seeks new artistic tendences and is a platform for bringing attention to new works

NET-z-LAB 2001 InternetArtAward // The competition is themed "Who am I today - what are we doing tomorrow?" and invites artistic works on questions of the future. These works are to be carried out with the multi-media means of the internet. >>Deadline for submission is the 30th March 2001. http://www.NET-Z-LAB.de

THE ZEPPELIN FESTIVAL OF SOUND ART // The festival will take place at Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona from 12th to 18th February 2001. Within the framework of the festival MECAD\ Media Centre of Art & Design is co-ordinating an on-line and off-line event with pieces of work created for CD-ROM and the Internet, their main characteristic involving the processing of sound and experimental music. http://www.cccb.org/caos

19th WORLD WIDE VIDEO FESTIVAL 2001 / 10 October to 11 November. http://www.wwvf.nl/2001/

ESF /extra short film festival/ Novosibirsk, RU/ The main condition of a festival remains former - duration of film should not exceed 60 seconds. www.esf.nsk.ru

o t h e r   a n n u a l  &  b I - a n n u a l  f e s t I v a l s

Ars Electronica, Linz // Festival of art, technology and society. It`s initiated for the cultural correspondence of technological change, an undertaking dedicated to analyzing the process by which new technologies become a culture and to finding possibilities of designing and managing this process. http://prixars.orf.at >http://www.aec.at

SEA - International Symposium on Electronic Arts // ISEA is the most important event dedicated to art and new media ever organized, which each 2 years happens in different country. http://www.isea.qc.ca/

DEAF - Dutch Electronic Art Festival // DEAF, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, is an international and interdisciplinary bi-annual festival organised by V2_Organisation in Rotterdam (Netherlands). DEAF presents an exhibition of interactive installations, WWW-sites, CD-roms and live performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. http://www.v2.nl/deaf

WEBBY Awards // The annual SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the International Academy of Digital Arts nd Sciences (IADAS). www.webbyawards.com

WRO // Wroclaw, Poland // organizer: Open Studio/WRO Media Art Center. www.wro.art.pl

O B E R H A U S E N Short Film Festival Oberhausen http://www.kurzfilmtage.de

Medi@terra // International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium // Athens, Greece //
Organizer: FOURNOS Centre for Art and New Technologies. www.fournos-culture.gr

Video Positive // Liverpool, UK // Organizer: FACT, UK >>Video, media installations, CD ROM art, web art. www.fact.co.uk

LOVEBYTES // Sheffield, UK >>The Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival is an eclectic mix of exhibitions, events and specially commissioned new art works which explore the creative and cultural potential of digital media and communications. http://www.lovebytes.org.uk/

ART + COMMUNICATION // Bi-annual festival of new media culture and conference // Organizer: E-LAB, Riga, Latvia >> InterCultural Jamming festival 2000. http://rixc.lv/00

Digital, Annual International Digital Art Competition & Exhibition Benefit //Organizer: Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI). http://www.asci.org/digital2000

net.congestion 2000 // International Festival of Streaming Media, Amsterdam. http://net.congestion.org

VIDEOFORMES // Festival International
Multimedia & Video Art.  http://www.nat.fr/videoformes

PANDEMONIUM: Biennial of Moving Images //Organiser: the Lux Centre, London. http://www.lux.org.uk/

IMZ dance screen 2000 // International Festival for Dance in the Media // Grimaldi Forum, Monaco >>Dance screen 2000 is an international forum for audio-visual dance productions, including a festival, fair and a competition for dance in the media. >>IMZ, International Music Centre. http://www.imz.at

Internet Films Festival 2000 // Lille, France. http://www.internet-film.org

International Multi-media Urban Arts Festival // Belfort, France. http://www.nuits-savoureuses.net > http://www.cicv.fr

CYNETart // festival for computer aided art and interdisciplinary media projects, Art and the development of science, technology and economy. On the basis of a committed co-operation between various urban and pan-German institutions and enterprises the festival functions as a juncture in understanding and dealing with the rapid development of computers and the Internet. http://www.body-bytes.de/e/bb_set.htm

Werkleitz Biennale // The Werkleitz Biennale is a border-crossing, international forum for media and art with a special focus on new artistic ways of expression and techniques as well as projects with research character. Visual Arts, Film/Video, Performance Art, and Internet/Multimedia (NetArt). http://www.werkleitz.de/realwork

International Computer Music Conference ICMC 2000 // ICMC is the largest and most important annual international conference in the field of music technology. http://www.icmc2000.org/

OSTRANENIE // The international media forum "Ostranenie" examines the background and effects of Europe's Media Revolution by exploring the role played by the electronic media in eastern and central Europe's uncertain and long from complete transformation process. http://www.ostranenie.org/

EUROPRIX MultiMediaArt // The European Commission and the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs initiated the first unique European contest in 1999 to identify the best in European multimedia production. The EuroPrix MultiMediaArt is a contest in creativity open to all those who produce marketable multimedia products. http://www.europrix.org/

[d]vision // The [d]vision team realized from May 4th to 6th,.2000 in Vienna an event, which will handle explicit the new tendences of digital and elektronic culture. www.dvision.at

TV-ART // http://www.tv-art.net

Open Electronisch Festival // http://www.cyberslag.com

VIPER - International Festival for Film Video and New Media // Basel. http://www.viper.ch

International Drug Film Festival 2000 // Hannover, Germany. http://www.mh-hannover.de 

m a i l i n g   l i s t s

NETTIME mailing list initiated in 1995 by the group of media activists, first determined for distribution of media discourse, according to Pete Schultz, one of the initiators. At the present moment the discussion among its subscribers is going on around a wide spectrum of actual problems mostly connected with development and functioning of information and communication technologies in modern society, and others. Economics, politics, culture, reports about events, interviews... >>nettime@bbs.thing.net  >>majordomo@bbs.thing.net - subscription >>http://www.nettime.org - archives

SYNDICATE mailing list initiated in order to establish exchange by the information on the projects between practioners (artists and organisers) in the field of media art. Information on grants ans scholarships, announcements of festivals, conferences and other events, invitations to collaboration. It is also helpful for those who look for partners in projects’ realisation. >>syndicate@aec.at >>syndicate-request@aec.at - subscription >>http://www.v2.nl/syndicate - archives, information

RHIZOME mailing list announcing various projects and also publishing articles on media art. >>list@rhizome.org >>http://rhizome.org/subscribe.rhiz - subscription >>http://rhizome.org - information resourse

CYBERCULTURE mailing list for discussion of theoretical aspects of the development of cyber culture. >>cyberculture@zacha.org >>http://www.zacha.org/mailman/listinfo/cyberculture - subscription >>http://www.cyberculture.zacha.org - information

CTHEORY E-mail distribution of articles by contemporary researchers, theorists, philosophers, critics on the history and theory of media. >>ctheory@concordia.ca >>http://www.ctheory.com - publications’ archives

NICE - Network Interface for Cultural Exchange - mailing list for exchange by the information on projects between media artists, curators and media centers in order to advance collaboration. Mostly oriented to the Baltic Region and Western Europe. The Inerface is also supplied with the online data base. >>nice@x-i.net >>http://nice.x-i.net/a - archives

FILMSKA PRAVDA /Voice of European independent cinema/ mailing list for news and events. >>eurindie@netscape.net >>eurindie@netscape.net - subscription

e - z i n e s

Switch // The new media art journal of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. CADRE is an interdisciplinary graduate program dedicated to experimental investigations of information technology and art. http://switch.sjsu.edu/

ARTBYTE The magazine of digital culture [off- & on-line] http://www.artbyte.com/

ACOUSTIC SPACE // Net audio issue / Published by E-LAB & XCHANGE NETWORK [off- & on-line] http://acoustic.space.re-lab.net/

trAce // Ppromotes an accessible and inclusive approach to the internet with the focus on creativity, collaboration and training.http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/

Crash Media // An independent publication with a split personality. Crash Media is (looking at) independent media [around the world]. This publication is made by you and for you gratis. http://www.yourserver.co.uk/crashmedia/index.html

M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture // M/C is an award-winning journal that crosses over between the popular and the academic. It is attempting to engage with the 'popular', and integrate the work of 'scholarship' in media and cultural studies into our critical work. http://www.uq.edu.au/mc/